On-chain user experience is broken.

Cumbersome Interactions

Users face a step-by-step journey to complete on-chain interactions, which can involve multiple smart contracts, webapps, and transactions. This increases the surface area for error, erodes user experience, and steepens the learning curve for newer users and builders.

Lack of Abstraction

Today, users must manually navigate transaction pathways, which are syncopated by transaction signing, bridging, and transaction failure. While transaction batching can mitigate these issues for sophisticated users, it is often inaccessible to typical users .

Poor Interoperability

As the on-chain world expands to new chain, layers, and side-chains, new challenges have become apparent. The multi-chain users and builders now face fragmented liquidity, bridging delays, asynchronous workflows, and other user-journey interruptions that hamper cross-chain development and usage.

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